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Indiana Bonz & Angi Mae boating in Maine


My Group boating in Maine 8/09


 Savi Rose & Jazzi Q in Maine





Dulci Jo, Betsi (me), Maggi Mae


My Maggi Mae

 I'll Missed forever

5/10/94 - 1/25/07


Maggi Mae & Taylor

 1st Place - Photo Contest AKC Gazette June 2002






Dulci Jo, Jazzi Q, Savi Rose, Maggi Mae


Barney Bird


Savi Rose & Betsi





Savi Rose & Jazzi Q 

Computer Artwork by Nick DiGiuseppe


Jazzi Q 1 1/2 years


Dulci Jo & Maggi Mae - Delaware River




Angi Mae (GSD) born 3/22/07    7 1/2 weeks old


Angi Mae's Play/Swim Teacher: Dulci Jo


Angi Mae's Agility Teachers: Jazzi Q & Dulci Jo










Angi Mae 1 year


Chip on the old Block!


Dulci Jo 11 yrs & Angi Mae 7 months




Savi Rose 7 Years


They all so love water


Jazzi Q 6 Years








I have so loved training, teaching, and showing dogs for over 20 years because of the bonding and molding into a team.

I began training dogs in obedience, then added tracking, herding, and agility. With Maggi Mae and Dulci Jo, I have been concentrating in Agility and Obedience, but plan to get back into herding. I have also taught obedience for 6 years and agility for 8 years.

Maggi Mae (GSD on right of left picture) has her UDX, PT, MX, MXJ, EAC, EGC, OJC, PII, U-CD, OAP, OJP, CGC/TDI, CAN UDX. She is now fully retired with dignity due to spinal arthritis and strong desire to play.  Rainbow Bridge 5/10/94 to 01/25/07

Dulci Jo (GSD on left of left picture) has her CD, CAN CD, NA, and CGC/TDI. I have classified Dulci Jo as "pet status" due to her continuous injuries.

Savi Rose (right picture - on my back) has her  MACH2, ADCH,  NATCH2, V NATCH, CDX, RN, XF, CGC/TDI.

Jazzi Q has her MACH, CD, RN; XF, SAM, OAC, OCC, OJC, TG-O, TN-E, WV-E, SG, CGC/TDI  (watching an agility show from her chair) is in obedience & agility classes.

Maggi has appeared on national television 11 times for both obedience and agility at NBC's Rockefeller Center and news studio and three times on ABC with Regis and Kathy Lee.

She has also been the cover girl for the AKC Gazette and GSD Review. And listed in Front & Finish three years straight for top GSD in the USA for agility.

Betsi, Fred, & Paul Anka w/ Maggi Mae Warren, Betsi, Maggi Mae & Regis Jody Applegate & Betsi with Maggi Mae





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