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Hartman's Hip Helper*

  My Dogs using the My Harness 24/7

 The hip & chest straps going under their legs have fleece padding - And they NEVER had sores even with Dulci's shaved legs




  Dulci Jo after hock surgery & shaved legs   Only way to get Dulci Jo upstairs   Dulci Jo assisted upstairs - which she well accepted  

Watch our video on how to fit and adjust the Hartman Harness

   My seniors canine-citizen, Maggi Mae and Dulci Jo wore the wear the Harman Harness full time -

they needs my assistance with the harness to get into cars, up stairs, stabilization on smooth floors and when her legs are just tired.





Maggi tired w/ side view


Maggi with Rear view


Maggi Mae Sitting in comfort


The purpose of this harness

 is to provide rear support for your dog to walk with you despite hip dysplasia  the infirmities of old age, accidents, injuries, or surgery.

With your support,

the harness allows your dog to where you go, get exercise, and go to the bathroom upright, all with dignity.


Dog Mobility Harness and Support Harness - Hartman's Hip Helper Dog Harness | a Dog Mobility Harness and Support Harness for Hip Dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, Arthritis, Spinal Injuries, Surgery, Dog Harness